Nov 292012

By Dana Kaplan

Friends, we are on the final leg of our campaign for City Council District B. Election Day is Saturday, December 8th, and I encourage everyone to vote and make their voice heard.

This campaign began when a group of concerned citizens, small business owners, and community leaders got together to make sure the voices of real people would be represented on the City Council. This small group convinced me to run for the recently vacated District B council seat and do what no other candidate had done in modern history—to earn my place on the ballot through a petition.

Over a thousand signatures and hundreds of volunteer hours later, the Dana Kaplan Campaign became official — even though the so-called political experts and pundits gave us little chance of winning. But, through tireless hard work by committed volunteers, our campaign won close to 10,000 votes on November 6th and earned a spot in the runoff.

Voters from across the district tell me they have been energized by my vision for our community. On the City Council, I will put my criminal justice experience to work to reduce crime, create jobs, and expand youth opportunities. From the beginning of this campaign I have honored my commitment to listen to the people of District B and that won’t change when I’m elected to the City Council.

I have spent my career building grassroots organizations and leading coalitions to effect real change, like helping create the Office of the Independent Police Monitor. I can bridge ideological divides to get things done, and I will work with anyone who shares our goals of reducing crime and creating jobs for New Orleans.

New Orleans is a beautiful and unique city, but we all know there is much work to be done to make it the safe, strong, and healthy city that we deserve. We are on the right path, but to carry on I need your vote for City Council on Saturday, December 8 (or today through Saturday during early voting). Once elected, I pledge to continue listening to the voices of citizens and working hard to represent your interests as your City Council member.

Make your voice heard on Saturday — vote.

Thank you.
Dana Kaplan

[This advertiser’s message is paid political advertising by the Friends of Dana Kaplan. does not endorse candidates for election.]

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