Oct 232012

A patrol car sits in the 5800 block of Clara Street as police investigate an armed robbery reported there Tuesday evening. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

For the third time in 36 hours on an Uptown street, a woman at her vehicle was approached by a man armed with a gun who took her belongings — this time, around 8 p.m. on Clara Street between State and Nashville.

The victim, described by her neighbors as a local graduate student, had returned home, pulled into the driveway and gotten out of her car when she was approached by a man with a gun, said NOPD Second District Detective Billy Mullaly. The gunman demanded her property, so she gave him her iPhone, purse and wallet, and he took off running toward Nashville Avenue, Mullaly said.

The suspect is described as a 6-foot tall, thin black man with dreadlocks that reached just below his ear, wearing a light gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans, Mullaly said. Anyone who may have seen the man or with other information is urged to call police immediately.

The NOPD patrol cars lining the narrow, quiet street drew concerned neighbors into nearly every yard, watching as police officers interviewed the victim and looked for evidence.

“My family has lived here for 60 years and we’ve never had this kind of a problem. I don’t understand this,” said one woman, noting that her home had to be completely rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina. “This isn’t why we came back here.”

The pattern of the robbery is similar to a carjacking Monday afternoon on Willow Street and another armed robbery around 1 a.m. Tuesday on Bordeaux Street. Mullaly said it is too early in the investigation to determine whether the Clara Street case shows a connection to any other open cases.

  6 Responses to “Woman robbed at gunpoint on Clara Street in the university area”

  1. Bottom line, arm yourself — whether it’s pepper spray or a gun, we cannot let these thugs get away with these crimes — and the police will not do anything significant to stop it. If the criminals don’t get any pushback, they’ll continue to go into Uptown for quick hits. I’m ready, you should be too!

  2. thank you for putting the description of the perp

  3. NOPD is ineffective – they aren’t patrolling the streets for violent crime.

  4. I just read the NOPD press release about this incident. God help us all if this was written by an NOPD officer. The release was had so many spelling and grammatical errors that it was virtually unreadable. If this is an indication of the critical thinking and writing skills of the typical NOPD officer we are in big trouble.

  5. I live 5 blocks from the Bordeaux robbery. I used to see private security patrolling the area all the time (they kicked into high gear maybe a year or so ago after there were gunshots on Perrier, which eventually resulted in more streetlights on the smaller, secondary streets.) Now that I’m reading these stories and really thinking about it, it seems like they haven’t been around in a long, long time. Of course, one of the reasons I think I saw them so much was because they used the stoop of an empty residence across the street for their smoke breaks and the place is not occupied. But I don’t really care why they were there, I just care that they were actually there.

    From what I see, Sophie B. Wright is a magnet for people who don’t live or work in the area. They keep their fence wide open at all times, so there always seems to be a crowd hanging out, playing ball and basically just wandering around. This is seven days a week at all hours and involves people of all ages. It is definitely more than just the normal after-school activities that one would expect to be in a school yard.

  6. Does anyone have advice on a foghorn? I know how ridiculous it sounds but I am afraid of getting pushed quietly into my house and I thought that if I kept one on my bike it might scare someone off. At the same time I dont want to get shot for making a bunch of noise. Does anyone else carry one? Has it ever helped? I wish uptownmessenger would include information about advanced personal safety, like getting inside the minds of these punks because Ive heard “do whatever they tell you” and “never let them take you to another location” which contradict each other.

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