Oct 302012

Devan Stevens (via opcso.org)

Devante Claiborne (via opcso.org)

Two teens who robbed a group of four people at gunpoint Sunday evening at Magazine Street and Louisiana, and two adults in their getaway car, were all arrested that evening on robbery charges, police said.

For more information, see the following news release from the NOPD:

New Orleans Police arrested two juvenile gunmen and two adults last night just minutes after all four worked together to pull off an armed robbery Uptown.

Sixth District detectives say the 14-year-old and 15-year-old boys pulled out guns, approached a group of four adults near the intersection of Louisiana Avenue and Magazine Street, and demanded the group’s wallets and purses. One man handed over his wallet, and a woman turned over her purse, but a second woman started screaming for help. At that point, the armed teenagers ran off, and jumped into a black Mazda that was waiting for them. The driver of the getaway car was 20-year-old Devante Claiborne. 29-year-old Devan Stevens was seated next to Claiborne.

The victims promptly called NOPD, and offered accurate descriptions of the suspects and the car. The descriptions were broadcast on police radio, and an officer patrolling the area spotted the car and followed the suspects to the 2800-block of South Claiborne Avenue. That officer and another responding officer managed to apprehend all four suspects.

Officers searched the suspects’ car and found two guns believed to have been used in the robbery, as well as the stolen purse and wallet. All suspects were booked with Armed Robbery charges.

The victims later positively identified the car and the teenagers who committed the robbery.

Devante Claiborne was previously arrested for burglary. Devan Stevens was arrested for a warrant.

“It’s more than disturbing to know that a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old were out last night looking for residents to rob at gunpoint. And it’s simply unfathomable that two adults were waiting in a car for the kids to complete the task, so they could drive off with them”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

“I have to give a lot of credit to the officers who were incredibly quick to respond to this call, as well as the other officers who were patrolling the area, and were quick to spot the suspects and haul them in. Our officers were on the case last night, and Uptown is safer tonight because of their outstanding work.”

Claiborne and Stevens are both charged with four counts of principal to armed robbery, according to jail records.

  19 Responses to “Two teen gunmen, two adult accomplices arrested in Magazine Street armed robbery, police say.”

  1. Good job, NOPD!…..the juvies should be tried as adults…..hopefully there will be long sentences for all……they can’t hurt us if they’re all locked up at Angola

  2. hang them in Jackson Square at noon on Sunday

    • For you to even say something like that you have to be KKK. you dont even know the story behind the story, find out the acts before you open your mouth. NOPD has them labeled like they are hardened criminals when actually my son Devante doesnt have a record at all, is a good father, and is not or has ever been a thief. So i dont know why NOPD has him listed as arrested in a previous burglary. Some black parents do have morals and standards and do stay on there kids. the other, Devan just graduated this year from high school, and is 19 not 29 like NOPD stated and doesnt have any warrants. He was taking steps to go in th military. So Sir or Maam, whoever you be get facts before you proceed to speak. All they were doing as giving a ride and got caught up.

  3. I bet they are just going to get sent to Bridge City Center for youth and be out in a year or two…and then they will do it again.

  4. Really the adults shouldn’t get anything. You should let them go..

  5. Good job NOPD!! Keep my neighborhood safe!! Now if the court system would get on the same page and prosecute and lock up these criminals I would feel safer at night. I have to work sometimes until 9pm at night. I have to walk around there to get home.

  6. I get so sick of opinionated ppl that dont know wtf they talking about. Has anybody ever heard guilty by association? A ride was given to somebody with no knowledge of what went on minutes before. Then the police that spd to protect and serve, lies and is crooked as criminals on the streets. Not all police, but Serpinas was just last year being investigated and on nationwide tv about him changing paper work to get a bigger pension. But you have the audasity to come on tv to say that my son has a record and does not. Really Ppl get yourself together and clean your own closet before yo proceed to speak on on others. I love my mother for the woman she is because she taught me common sense and how to be dignified and not ignorant……..SIGNED PROUD PARENT!!!!

  7. 1st. This is the same street corner that the neighborhood association blocked or is attempting to block dat dog from opening up a store. Still makes since to stop them? We need more foot traffic not less on that corner.

    2nd. Ms. Kirton, unless the victims were hanging out with the teenagers after they robbed them, the get away car was obviously a short distance from the robbery. the victims were able to give a good enough discription to allow Nopd to find The car. You say “A ride was given to somebody with no knowledge of what went on minutes before,” no, it did not happen minutes before it happened seconds before and the robbery was obviously visible from the car, since again the victims were able to give a good enough description of the vehicle.

  8. if it happened seconds before, my son had no knowlegde of what just hpd. he was already on his way.

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