Oct 042012

NOPD task force and SWAT Team officers surround a gold Chevrolet believed to have been involved in two Uptown robberies during a manhunt Thursday afternoon for the car’s occupants in the block near Second and Dryades streets. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

At least two people suspected of involvement in a series of robberies around Uptown New Orleans were taken into custody Thursday afternoon during a manhunt around Second and Dryades, authorities said.

A crew of three people — two males and a female — were reportedly involved in two robberies in quick succession Thursday afternoon, one on Foucher Street near Magazine and the other in the 1200 block of St. Andrew, said NOPD Sixth District Commander Bob Bardy. Police officers already patrolling the area because of Tuesday’s carjacking and shooting nearby quickly spotted the gold Chevrolet the suspects were driving around 5 p.m., and began following them, Bardy said.

The suspects tossed out stolen items including a cell phone at near Prtyania and Washington, and police were able to secure it, Bardy said. The car then had a blowout near Second and Dryades, and police quickly arrested the driver as the two passengers escaped into the block, Bardy said.

Officers then closed down the streets around the block so that the SWAT team and a police dog could search, and a second suspect was apprehended, Bardy said. Several residents of the area reported seeing a man with a gun under his shirt in the block, but that report has yet to be confirmed, Bardy said.

Both of the robberies were described as “snatch and grab”-type incidents, Bardy said. Although the Magazine and Foucher robbery is only two blocks from the site of Tuesday’s carjacking and shooting at Camp and Delachaise, Bardy said the cases do not immediately appear to be linked. Investigators will look more deeply into the suspects’ background and associations for any connections, however, Bardy said.

After the manhunt concluded around 6 p.m., Theresa Elloie sat in the shade cast by the Sportsman’s Corner bar annex on Second Street. She was inside when she heard the blowout, but her grandson was outside playing and he was “scared to death,” she said. They had to evacuate the block during the manhunt, but she said it was worth it because the suspects were apprehended.

“That’s good. I’m so glad,” she said upon hearing of the arrests. “As long as they get them.”

  4 Responses to “Two robbery suspects in custody amid manhunt at Second and Dryades”

  1. For just six months, the city should go under martial law. The cops know where the drug dealers and gangs are, but because of the poor legal system, the cops don’t push hard enough to truly clean up the streets. Why? the cops know that without crystal clear evidence, the understaffed and underpaid DAs office will not be able to lock the criminals away for a long time, and they would be back on the streets quickly, and so the problems continue. Solution: martial law, with military tribunals, with immediate executions for jungle animals like the ones that carjacked the person on Camp. With so much crime in such a relatively small area of uptown consistently, it seems like by any definition, we can be described as similar to a third world country in a civil war. Just 6 months of martial law, frack the ACLU and double, triple, or quadruple frack any liberal defense attorneys who want these jungle animals on the streets as quickly as possible because they believe they are doing justice for the historically “mistreated” and “underprivileged.” As John Lennon would have sung – if he would have survived the shooting rampage, “Give martial law a chance!” NOLA would be a better place by next summer. For those of you who are upset with this post, good, go frack yourself, but think about how far do the killings and robberies have to go before martial law is necessary? One killing or violent crime a week, two killings or violent crimes a week, 10 killings or violent crimes a week? Never?

    • That would help but I don’t see it happening. Concealed carry people. You can put a pistol in your vehicle without a conceal carry license in LA. Fight back and the animals will think twice before coming back into your neighborhood.

  2. YAY!! They got them… I didn’t walk to the Circle Bar to hear some friends play last night because of all this crap in my neighborhood…

  3. What happened on the 1200 block of st. andrew? That is my block and I didn’t hear anything about it…

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