Oct 232012

A police officer investigates an armed robbery in the 1200 block of Bordeaux early Tuesday morning. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

A woman was robbed at gunpoint by a man who then demanded she let him into her Bordeaux Street home to steal additional items, police said.

The woman was arriving home from work and getting out of her car in the 1200 block of Bordeaux just before 1 a.m. Tuesday when she was approached by a man with a handgun pointed at her, said Detective Jerry Baldwin of the NOPD Second District persons-crimes division. He told her to give him “everything,” so she handed over an iPad, phone and purse, Baldwin said.

The gunman then asked if they were in front of her home and demanded to be let inside, where he took her flat-screen TV before running off, Baldwin said. He did not harm the woman, Baldwin said.

The teen was described as a young black male in his late teens or early 20s, with a slim build and short twists in his hair, Baldwin said.

The incident was the second Uptown robbery in about 12 hours, after a woman on Willow Street was robbed of her car Monday afternoon. Whether the two incidents are connected is under investigation, Baldwin said.

  • MRT

    Another night in Uptown, another armed robbery. We all need to take responsibility for our safety here. No doubt it’s tough coming home from work late like that, but make sure you’ve scoped out your surroundings before stopping and getting out of your car, if something doesn’t seem right, drive off and call it in. If you see something suspicious in your neighbourhood, don’t just assume it’s nothing or not your problem. Keep your front yard and sidewalk clean, well kept neighbourhoods are less likely to be a target. If you are coming home late, put your porch light on before you leave for the day. Look out for yourselves and your neighbours. Keep it real Uptown.

    • FatCat

      Not sure what you want people to do – this is random. It happens in broad daylight just as much as it does in the dark. Let’s not blame victims and let’s not urge people to live in fear – keep it really real. This is a failure of the city to protect us.

      • MRT

        didn’t mean to blame victims at all. we obviously can’t rely on the city, so what else can we do to be proactive about our own safety? (outside of setting up vigilante checkpoints….)

  • Alonzo Tulaman

    So this idiot ran down the street with an iPad, purse, phone and flat screen tv in his hands?

  • Fat Harry

    Great, 2 blocks from my house. There have been a lot of strangers milling about the neighborhood for the past two weeks. Just last week, a young black male was walking down Valence Street near Coliseum at approximatley 7:00 AM smoking a joint. WTF is going on.

    • MRT

      I live in the same area. Definitely agree that there has been an uptick in the number of people wandering about who aren’t locals.

    • MRT

      are these guys coming from/going to those two liquor stores on Maganzine st (cnrs Lyon & Bordeaux I think)??

      • Fat Harry

        Probably — those two stores are certainly magnets for vagrants/loiterers. Wish they would get some attention instead of sending 17 year olds into Dos Jefe’s to buy cigarettes.

  • smj4

    Ware r the patrol cops , I live in chalmette this would neva occur here our deputies r on the job , very vigilant nopd needs a serious make over , start peotecting ur community stop being on donut breaks dam

  • sammy4

    I’m moving to the city soon and am hoping to find somewhere to live in the area boxed in by Napoleon, St. Charles, Magazine and Audubon Park. The recent crime reports in Uptown lately have me somewhat disconcerted. Is this typical?

    • Josh

      It ebbs and flows, sad to say. The NOPD gets a bad wrap but this past summer we had a rash of petty crime like this around Maple between Broadway and Carrolton. The NOPD identfied the trend and were on it quickly. I used to live in Detroit and DC and feel safer here than in either of those places. Loved them both.

  • God

    I wish they would. They deserve a bullet between the eyes.

  • Jo

    Someone was blatantly scoping out my house last week in the middle of the morning.

    I drive a jeep so I can’t lock it or keep anything in it but it’s been riffled through twice in the past month. Things appear to be getting worse.

  • captsteve

    Don’t worry Susan Guidry is still using police overtime to crack down on underage drinking at the boot last friday. You could call or email her, but you will never get a response.—-fact

  • KP town

    I live 5 houses from here on this street. I’m so tired and angry of having to worry about my safety every time I leave my house. There are always random, unsavory looking types walking up and around the neighborhood and there is only so much that one can take before the choice becomes to pack up and move. I moved from another city and have not felt safe since I moved here. It’s sad a city this great with such unbelievably wonderful things to offer is ruined by these thugs who, seemingly, cannot be stopped. When is enough, enough?

  • Nolabound

    we’re moving to New Orleans next spring. is the garden district any better? or the state street area?