Sep 262012

(From left) Christopher Nash, Victor Carr and Jordan Collins (via

Three men have been arrested and charged in the robbery of three people who were in Audubon Park on Monday night, and detectives found the victims’ cell phones as well as two handguns on their suspects, police said.

The full news release from the NOPD follows:

Just 24-hours after three people were robbed at gunpoint near Audubon Park, Second District officers arrested the suspected gunmen who committed the crime.

Detectives say 21-year-old Christopher Nash, 22-year-old Victor Carr and 21-year-old Jordan Collins approached the three victims at around midnight Tuesday morning in the 6400-block of St. Charles Avenue. All three men were armed, completely clad in black and wearing bandanas to cover their faces. They demanded that the victims turn over their valuables. The victims complied and the gunmen made off with their cell phones, purses and wallets.

Through interviews and descriptions provided by the victims, detectives were able to develop a vehicle of interest. Officers staked out an apartment complex in the 2600-block of Poydras Street last night, where the vehicle was known to frequent. The vehicle did eventually arrive there, and detectives questioned the driver and his two passengers- Carr, Collins and Nash- who were all wearing black. Nash, who was in the back seat, had a handgun in his possession. Further questioning led to one of the men admitting that all three were involved in the armed robbery the night before.

Detectives also learned while talking to the men, that the victims’ cell phones were stashed in one of the men’s apartments in the complex on Poydras . After obtaining a search warrant, detectives went to the apartment and recovered a second handgun as well as all 3 of the victims’ cell phones.

Nash, Carr and Collins were all arrested and each booked with 3 counts of Armed Robbery.

“Our officers stayed focused on this case and were determined to arrest these suspects before they had the chance to point guns at the faces of even more of our residents”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

“Their dedication is tremendous, and Uptown is a safer neighborhood today because Second District detectives are working hard and making a difference.”

  6 Responses to “Three arrested in Audubon Park armed robbery”

  1. GREAT work 2nd District! Thank you

  2. Fastest turnaround on an armed robbery in recent memory. Give the detective a raise!

  3. As crummy and corrupt as nopd is, i have to give props on the fast and effective police work. Nice job.

  4. As usual NOPD had extra police officers from another district checking for underage drinking on Magazine and Maple. Blame Susan Guidry, she got the federal grant and tells the 2nd district Commander what and where to check. What a waste of money, Doing anything but protecting the citizens of NOLA. This and shootings on Carrolitin, please call her office, because I have sent her at least a dozen emails and never got a response from her or her crew of assistants. NOPD great job. We all know you are trying, lack of manpower, vehicles, and overall cooperation does not help.

  5. WGNO reported that the victims were hanging out in the park around 11:30 p.m. I wonder if they belong to the group of college kids who always smoke pot under the gazebo near the front of park?

  6. Excellent work, 2nd District officers. Approaching armed suspects is not light work for fainthearted folks. I hope the system upstream is as effective as you are.

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