Sep 262012

The Uptown-based NOPD Second District will hold its monthly march against crime in the Fontainebleau neighborhood at 6 p.m. tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 26), walking a mile-long route up Calhoun, Panama and State Street Drive, then back down Vendome and Vincennes.

More details, via the invitation from Tim Garrett:

Come be our guest this Wednesday (9/26) as we Walk with NOPD. The short (1 mile) route starts at 6:00 PM at the corner of Fontainebleau and Calhoun.

I look forward to seeing you and as many of your neighbors/constituents as you can bring along. Kids and pets welcome, too!

Link to share with route map and turn-by-turn walking directions:

The walk is intended for all of Second District, but for the sake of showing neighborhood unity in Zones P-V, I especially encourage residents of SSD, Broadmoor, Gert Town, Fontainebleau, Carrollton, Hollygrove, Audubon and Versailles to attend.

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