Sep 262012

LaToya Cantrell

LaToya Cantrell announced the endorsements of five other elected officials Wednesday morning: two who would be her colleagues on the City Council, Kristin Gisleson Palmer and Cynthia Hedge-Morrell; the state representative whose district includes part of District B, Neil Abramson; and two state senators, J.P. Morrell and Edwin Murray.

The announcement represents one of the first major set of endorsements by elected officials in the District B City Council race so far, other than Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson’s early endorsement of Eric Strachan. City Councilwoman Stacy Head has said she will not endorse, and no other elected officials have gotten publicly involved.

The full news release by the Cantrell campaign follows:

Recognizing her proven leadership and vision for District B, many city and state elected officials are strongly endorsing LaToya Cantrell’s campaign to join the New Orleans City Council. Councilmembers Cynthia Hedge-Morrell and Kristin Gisleson Palmer, State Senators J.P. Morrell and Edwin Murray and State Representative Neil Abramson all announce that they are endorsing Cantrell in the City Council District B Race.

“I’ve known and worked with LaToya for many years,” says Council District C Representative Kristin Gisleson Palmer. “She has transformed her community into a model of recovery, and she can bring that same effectiveness and experience to District B as their councilmember. I know LaToya will be a strong asset to this council as we work together to move New Orleans forward.”

State Representative Neil Abramson, whose 98th district includes Cantrell’s community, agrees with Gisleson Palmer and praises Cantrell’s ability to forge consensus and move plans to completion.

“As a Legislator, I know that LaToya Cantrell is already a valuable partner for our communities. She is a leader that knows how to build coalitions, empower citizens and get things done,” says Abramson. “As Councilmember from District B, I’m confident that she’ll continue her strong record of delivering results. I’m proud to support her.”

These endorsements show the diverse and growing coalition focused on electing LaToya Cantrell the next Councilmember from District B. They recognize her leadership in producing tangible outcomes— a renovated school, a new library/community center, rebuilt and new homes and a health center—for her community. But, as Councilmember Hedge-Morrell points out, it’s also Cantrell’s plan for making District B better than before.

“Look, its one thing to say you want to make our city safer. That’s easy. It’s another thing altogether to have practical experience deploying plans that directly address our crime epidemic,” says Hedge-Morrell. “LaToya is ready to work for her constituents the first day in office. She has already been working in her community. She will attack crime and violence with education, accessible health care, job creation and economic development.”

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