Aug 282012

Joshua Hogan

Timothy Hartford

Gregory Spivey

Irvin Fox


Four men were arrested Tuesday evening on charges of looting a Central City business, police said.

Police were called to a report of men breaking into a business at Seventh and Danneel around 9 p.m., and arrived to find a man outside about to enter it through a hole that had been kicked in, said NOPD Sixth District Commander Bob Bardy. Three others were found inside, though the business had been closed for hours, Bardy said.

The four men — Irvin Fox, 31; Joshua Hogan, 23; Gregory Spivey, 56; and Timothy Hartford, 27 — were each charged with looting and unauthorized entry of a business, Bardy said.

According to Louisiana law:

Looting is the intentional entry by a person without authorization into any dwelling or other structure belonging to another and used in whole or in part as a home or place of abode by a person, or any structure belonging to another and used in whole or in part as a place of business, or any vehicle, watercraft, building, plant, establishment, or other structure, movable or immovable, in which normal security of property is not present by virtue of a hurricane, flood, fire, act of God, or force majeure of any kind, or by virtue of a riot, mob, or other human agency, and the obtaining or exerting control over or damaging or removing property of the owner.

Whoever commits the crime of looting during the existence of a state of emergency, which has been declared pursuant to law by the governor or the chief executive officer of any parish, may be fined not less than five thousand dollars nor more than ten thousand dollars and shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than three years nor more than fifteen years without benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence.

  8 Responses to “Four men charged with looting Central City business”

  1. These people are scum, people loosing everything to natural causes and they just want to line their pockets. Shoot to kill looters on sight, ask questions later.

  2. NOT MORE THAN 15 YEARS….. I am glad to see that a “habitual Offender” cannot be sentenced to life in prison…..

  3. These gentlemen look like fine young community organizers acting on Obama’s message of “you didn’t build that”. As such they were just redistributing some wealth. The looting charges will likely be dropped and lesser charges be put in their place to allow these fine gentlemen to vote in November.

  4. I notice the Messenger cite the law, when it comes to the arrest of black crooks, but ya’ll get amensia when it comes to white crooks. How about the mayor’s “looting”. He’s receiving $80k a year for the rest of his life from the State Of Louisiana for retirement, but he’s got a full time job as mayor!! And the police chief is going to loot the city for $144k for the rest of his life after (3) years on the job. Even though he wasn’t qualified to be chief, due in part to the hiring of the selection committee to find a police chief: National Association of Police, for which Serpas is a member! But, since they’re WHITE, the Messenger overlooks those “Looters!!!” Such hypocrisy!!!

  5. Aside from the fact that Uptown Messenger does not mention race, nor does the cited law, the attitude in your comment suggests that you are defending these criminals that tried to take advantage of the citizenry of New Orleans during a time of crisis and natural disaster.

    The only reference to race in this article is your post, which makes you a blatant racist. There is no excuse for these criminals, and the fact that you are making one for them is a long standing problem in this city. They were not arrested for being black. They were arrested because they were committing a serious crime.

    Why have I not mentioned anything about your issue with the mayor? Because it has nothing to do with the issue of protecting New Orleanians from looters. I will only address your issue with Serpas because it is just plain wrong: I don’t like him either, but he was certainly qualified after being head of the Washington State Patrol and Police Chief for Nashville, TN. Having been in either of these posts would make him qualified. And does former police chief Riley (an African American) also not benefit from this retirement policy?

  6. To “Brother Keith X” your response us about what I would expect from someone like you. You sound like a moron with the comment comparing the mayor to a looter. It’s people like you that would vote for a crooked black person for mayor rather than an honest white one i.e. Ray Nagin (who I’m sorry to say I voted for the first time). Now that’s a crook but I guess it’s ok because he’s black.

  7. They can if it is a three strike law state and their are penal codes and statutes judges must follow when giving sentences. So if it is a repeat offender then of course they could eventually end up in prison for life…look up the law in your state and the statutes and learn abut them.

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