Jul 142012

A Hollygrove community group is hosting a “Stop the Violence” rally this afternoon in Conrad Park, featuring food, music, sports and motivational speaking.

For more information, see the following message from neighborhood activist LaToya Bullock:

We are a group activists in the Hollygrove area, who are deeply rooted in this community and care a great deal for and about our youth. We fully understand that we are a direct influence on our children’s lives. Our group plans to start a youth mentoring program for young men and young ladies. The focus of this program will be to promote manhood, protect womenhood, and most importantly, strengthen families. It is our hope that the residents of

Hollygrove will join in our efforts to “Save Our Selves”

We will be hosting a “STOP THE VIOLENCE” rally on Saturday, July 14th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. This will be a family-oriented event that includes food, fun, music and motivational speakers. Family-friendly activities include flag football, volleyball , space jumper, and a very special softball game dedicated to the ones we have already lost to violence. We encourage all our resident to come out and witness the capacity for our community to act on it’s own behalf. W look forward to working with like-minded individuals to help with our efforts. If you would like to be a part of this important event, or contribute a donation in support of our efforts please feel free to contact me at 504-428-2298. Thank you in advance, may god bless and keep us.

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  1. I would like to thank Latoya for putting that together, we had a great time. STOP THE VIOLENCE NEW ORLEANS

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