Jul 172012

A new Ethiopian restaurant has opened on Magazine Street, and a popular Bywater cafe aims to open its Maple Street location next month.

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in the Lower Garden District joins Cafe Abyssinia as the second Ethiopian restaurant on Magazine Street, and “the sound of kids giggling in the kitchen provides an unmistakable signal that this is a family-run restaurant,” writes Gambit’s Ian McNulty.

Satsuma Cafe, the popular Bywater breakfast and lunch place, plans to open at the corner of Maple and Fern on Aug. 15, and Alexander Hancock of Eater NOLA speculates that dinner service may be planned as well.

  4 Responses to “Ethopian restaurant opens on Magazine; Satsuma hopes to open Maple Street location in August”

  1. Satsuma will be a great addition to the Maple Street neighborhood. The space is great another breakfast joint in the riverbend is a great thing. Love Refuel but after that we really like a great breakfast haunt!

  2. Yay for Satsuma! Excellent news for us in the St. Charles-Carrollton-Broadway-Claiborne area! That spot is perfect, too. This is WAY better news than Drew Brees opening a Jimmie John’s chain sandwich shop on Maple. Also happy a second Ethiopian place is opened!

  3. I’m just gonna go ahead and get in line now for Satsuma uptown. That place is going to be PACKED every day.

    Very exciting news though!

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