Jul 092012

The modified floor plan being sought by the Domino’s Pizza on Freret Street. (via City Planning Commission)

The Domino’s Pizza location on Freret Street plans to expand its kitchen space and add two tables for outdoor dining, based on a request the City Planning Commission will hear Tuesday afternoon.

Specifically, Domino’s wants to add a walk-in cooler along the back wall that will free up more space inside the kitchen, and place two tables in the grassy area in front of the store, according to the report compiled by City Planning Commission staffers. No other dining space will be created, the report states, and the planning staff recommends approval of the request.

“As minor physical modifications to the site will not significantly alter the restaurant’s operational characteristics, the expansion of the restaurant should have no impact on nearby properties,” the staff writes. The report concludes: “In fact, the presence of the exterior tables may positively affect the Freret Street commercial corridor, as they would support increased pedestrian activity.”

The planning commission meets at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday (July 10) at City Hall. No other Uptown properties are on the agenda.

  3 Responses to “Domino’s Pizza on Freret seeks kitchen expansion, outdoor seating”

  1. Where are they going to put the 18 wheeler that delivers the dough and sauce. Double-parked, as usual. That’s a lot of delivery truck for crappy pizza joint.

  2. What are the conditions related to trash containers and site cleanliness?

    • There are a few issues that have not been addressed and I have forwarded them to our Cm Bajoie to be included in the provisos. This location is one of the top producing outlets in the entire city (students like cheap pizza). They also are the main staging area for all of their Mardi Gras vendor carts (which takes place in that particular alley they wish to expand). Last year they had trash over flowing from the dumpster in the rear all the way out into the street. I have photos I will be sharing with the Council.
      They should already have a fence around the existing dumpster on site. They should also have a garbage can on the exterior for their patrons.
      I think it is a nice idea to put up 2 tables for outdoor seating.
      Kellie Grengs

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