Jun 142012

A rendering of the proposed Tulane stadium. (via TulaneStadium.com)

Seeking to build on favorable momentum created by the City Planning Commission’s vote Tuesday to recommend against a special zoning district that would require Tulane to seek the city’s permission to build a football stadium on its Uptown campus, university president Scott Cowen publicly urged city council members Wednesday to either withdraw the motion altogether or vote on it before the month is out.

The university posted a letter addressed to Councilwoman Susan Guidry and copied to each of her six colleagues late Wednesday afternoon on its official website for the stadium. The website also calls on supporters to email council members with language urging the council to withdraw the measure.

“Now that the Commission has made its recommendation after thoughtful deliberation, I respectfully request this item either be heard at your next meeting on June 28 or be withdrawn given the recommendation of the City Planning Commission,” Cowen writes in his letter. “We want to get this issue behind us to minimize further damage to the university and to continue our planning and dialogue with the community and appropriate city departments without the uncertainty this process has brought.”

Tulane has a second community meeting scheduled for Monday night specifically devoted to one of the thorniest issues surrounding any Uptown development: traffic and parking. Tulane senior vice president Yvette Jones told commissioners Tuesday that the majority of game-day parking will be handled through a park-and-ride system.

With the political future of the IZD seemingly dependent on a councilwoman appointed by a mayor who opposes the district, the most likely resolution to the debate between Tulane and surrounding residents may be a good-neighbor agreement. University officials alluded to the possibility of such a contract during the first community meeting, and Monday’s meeting may provide an update on progress in that direction.

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  1. “Good Neighbor Agreements” are only enforced by one side that has to watch what the other is doing and then go to the city agency that is supposed to “enforce” it….and those who live in New Orleans know the city’s history of the lack of enforcement.

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