Jun 272012

A photo of the suspect in Tuesday's carjacking. (via NOPD)Photos have been released of the young gunman who robbed a woman of the keys to her SUV at gunpoint Tuesday just off Oak Street and then shot at her as she ran away, and police are seeking the public’s help in identifying him.

After the carjacking on Dublin Street, the suspect parked the victim’s SUV behind an unoccupied home in the 2200 block of Cambronne and left in a dark-colored Jeep Cherokee that appeared to be waiting for him, police and witnesses said.

He is described as thin black teen with an athletic build, wearing a fisherman’s hat, a black t-shirt and black pants.

Based on the quality of the photos, Sgt. Chris Billiot of the NOPD persons-crimes unit said Wednesday afternoon that detectives hope to have him identified soon.

Anyone with information should call Second District Detective Nathan McGhee at 658-6020.

A closer view of the suspect’s face. (via NOPD)

  7 Responses to “Photos released of teen carjacking suspect who fired at victim”

  1. It is very difficult to refrain from making uncomplimentary remarks about our Mayor and Police Superintendent. There is NIL “police presence” in this City, except in the French Quarter or for “special events”. This ATROCITY, which could have ended tragically if one of the “perpetrator’s” bullets hit someone, and some of the recent crimes variously reported as having occurred in “the Lower Garden District” versus “River Gardens”, could have been avoided by police patrolling. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough police to patrol the City, and the sociopaths and psychopaths who belong in jail without a key simply overwhelm the police. When the Citizenry determine that the politicians can’t STEAL anymore, someone should ask Mitch and the City Council what they’re going to do to put more police on the street. Until that happens we are “in the hands of the Phillestines”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    • Ashton O’Dwyer-
      Agreed + thanks-
      Look @ the “young gunman”-
      That’s JUST A KID!!!!!
      + dumb enough to kill for?
      What’s extra poopy?
      We made him.
      Just look at what Cindy Chang, Jan Moller, Jonathan Tilove, and John Simerman exposed before the TP folded.
      Let’s start by fixing that-
      and stop supporting this-
      We only have ourselves to blame.
      The good news is new technology – and privately owned CCTV camera systems.
      Great pics- now lets get this- %$#^&**!!!!!!!!!
      + You want to help fight crime?
      Don’t complain- install cameras-
      Sorry if that reads as elitist and rude, but am also damn sick of these “Philistines” and know how inexpensive and easy they are to do.
      Freret Street is surrounded by cameras….

    • The common advice has long been: Don’t resist, give up what they demand; Your life is far more valuable than your ________ (car/purse/innocence). Even when that advice is followed in textbook fashion these street criminals in too many cases show an incapacity for feeling basic humanity. No amount of reform or social services can rescue a psychopath.

  2. There is ZERO COVERAGE of this story in today’s Times Picayune

  3. I now think twice before I walk my dog !! It’s a shame on so many levels !

  4. As a mother I am most struck by the face of this suspect. A child! This now makes me sad on more than one level. What a horrible incident for our city on a well-known street! How awful for the victim, and for all of us who could be next! And now…god help me, what happened to this kid? And how sad for him too.

  5. The unfortunate child was put up to this by hoodlum older siblings. They put the gun in his hand, told him what to do, and drove the getaway car, probably thinking that they could avoid arrest by sacrificing their little brother. NOPD, please catch these pathetic arses, and lock them up forever.

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