Mar 052012

An investigation into gunfire reported just off the Freret commercial corridor late Monday morning led police to a hidden assault rifle, a bag of heroin and nearly $9,000 in cash, authorities said.

The gunshots were reported just after 11 a.m. in the 2500 block of Cadiz Street, involving two men firing at a resident of 2530 Cadiz, witnesses told police, according to an NOPD Second District email alert. The target of the shooting was seen in front of his house holding a rifle, and he then left in a silver Kia that was later found abandoned in the 4500 block of Willow Street with a bullet hole in the rear windshield, police said.

NOPD Second District Detective Guy Swalm then interviewed the owner of the Kia, who said her son, 21-year-old Paul Robinson, had told her that he ditched her vehicle on Willow Street after being fired upon. Robinson “originally spoke with detectives, but became hesitant about coming to speak any further,” the release states, but because he is currently on probation for a heroin charge, Probation and Parole agents were called in to check his home.

At the house, the agents found a loaded AK-47 in a trash can just outside, the release states. In a bedroom, they found $8,900 in cash, a bag of heroin, a digital scale, several pistol clips and assorted ammunition, police said. The items were all confiscated, but Robinson has so far refused to turn himself in to Probation and Parole agents, the release states.

“This case would not have been made possible had it not been for the citizens that observed the incident and assisted in the investigation,” the news release concludes.

  2 Responses to “Investigation into Monday morning gunfire near Freret leads to cache of weapons, money and heroin”

  1. Way to go citizens…keep standing up!

  2. So wait…

    Robinson talked to police, then became hesitant because he was on parole. Parole officers show up and search his home, find illegal drugs (with intent to distribute) and illegal firearms. But he wasn’t taken into custody?!

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