Oct 172011

Phillips Bar will become the third Maple Street watering hole this year to be brought before the city’s Alcohol Beverage Control board, according to the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.

Unlike Rocco’s and TJ Quills, which were both accused of serving drinks to minors following NOPD raids in January, the allegation against Phillips does not appear to a breach of the law in itself. Instead, Phillips is accused of breaking “special condition, restriction, or proviso” related to its license. But because good-neighbor agreements and restrictive covenants are becoming a more prominent part of the city’s arsenal against businesses that bother their neighbors — the prosecutions of both Rocco’s and TJ Quills ended in such agreements, for example — the Phillips case could represent an increased level of enforcement.

The only other Uptown New Orleans establishment newly added to the board’s docket is the DO2GO Grocery at 1201 S. Rampart St., which is accused of a number of violations relating to permits and taxes. Items carried over from previous dockets include:

  • Three businesses, Uptown Daiquiris and others, located in the former Wagner’s Meat building at 2013 S. Claiborne. This item has been pending for months, prompting attorney Ed Washington to complain at last month’s meeting that he believes there is no evidence. The item is set for a status hearing before the board Tuesday.
  • The Precinct at 1379 Annunciation is accused of disturbances and building code violations. Trial in this case was delayed in September because not all witnesses were available.
  • Daiquiri Island in the 7900 block of Earhart. This case may be subject to a consent judgment on Tuesday, as attorneys said they were close to working out an agreement.
  • The Key Food Store at 2600 Louisiana Avenue.

  3 Responses to “Third Maple Street bar to receive city alcohol board’s scrutiny”

  1. neighborhood assc. have become more powerful than anyone in local goverment. I

  2. I wonder how much cash MARI will extort out of this business?

  3. Why are they bothering Phillip’s? Phillip’s is a restaurant, not a bar. It says so right on its license.

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