Aug 162011

The old Priestley campus, photographed in January (Sabree Hill,

As the Riverbend community continues its fight to move the Johnson School to the former Priestley campus, neighborhood leaders have released a petition in hopes of showing school officials wide support for the project.

Leaders of the Carrollton-Riverbend Neighborhood Association have been advocating the Johnson’s use of Priestley ever since it was stripped out of the school district’s master plan earlier this summer. After fiery appearances at several town-hall meetings with school officials, the survey represents the association’s latest tactic for drawing the district’s attention.

The survey can be found at

The Priestley site has a better, more central location that more parents would be comfortable sending their children to, association members have said. The association has not take a strong position on whether the Priestley building should be renovated or demolished and rebuilt, because the current building has stood blighted for decades and either course would be preferable to continued neglect, members say.

The Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association meets at 7 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month, usually in the back room of Squeal Bar-B-Q.

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  1. Save the Priestley school building!

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