Jun 092011

A map of major burglaries and robberies in the Irish Channel in May and early June. The shooting near the River Garden Development is also shown. (via NOPD.com)

NOPD Sixth District Commander Bob Bardy will be among the speakers at tonight’s meeting of the Irish Channel Neighborhood Association.

The Irish Channel has fared relatively better than some Uptown neighborhoods amid the last month’s wave of armed robberies: about three muggings have been reported in the channel, and other than those incidents, a half dozen home break-ins have been the most serious crimes reported since the beginning of May. Suspects from a shooting in the nearby St. Thomas development, however, fled into the channel before police found them.

Tonight’s speakers, based on an email from Irish Channel Neighborhood Association president Kara Morgan:

  • Honorable Ellen Hazeur, Clerk of First City Court: She will discuss the responsibilities of her office and answer any questions you may have. (10 mins)
  • Carlos Muniz, Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness: Carlos will discuss the city’s hurricane plans including evacuation procedures and tips for personal perparedness. (15 mins)
  • Commander Bardy, Yolanda Jenkins and Jay Favalaro from the NOPD’s 6th District. Officers from the 6th will join us in a conversation about their response to recent incidents in the Channel, tips for personal safety, opportunities for neighborhood anti-crime organizing and the upcoming redistricting of the NOPD. (30 mins)

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