May 242011

Armed robbers fired at their victims in two recent cases in the Hollygrove/Gert Town neighborhoods.

The recent wave of increasingly violent robberies around Uptown New Orleans also extends into Gert Town and Hollygrove, where a Domino’s delivery man and a man walking to the gas station were both fired on by attackers.

About 9:30 p.m. Thursday, a Domino’s driver making a delivery to the 2900 block of Cambronne was approached by a gun-carrying stranger with a brown scarf around his face who demanded his money, said Lt. Mike Montalbano of the NOPD Second District. As the driver reached into his pocket, the gunman fired off three shots that all missed, and then he ran off, Montalbano said, leaving the driver uninjured.

About 6:20 a.m. Monday, a man walking to a gas station on Earhart noticed a bicyclist exchanging words with a man in a white Dodge Charger, and as he reached the intersection of Fern and Mars, the driver of the Charger got out and approached him with a gun, demanding money, Montalbano said. The gun went off as the victim and the robber began to struggle, and the bullet hit the victim in the shoulder, Montalbano said.

The bicyclist then came to the gunman’s aid, and the two left, firing more times at the victim but missing, Montalbano said. Montalbano said it is unlikely the two were actually working in tandem, attributing their cooperation to a chance meeting on the street.

“I think they knew each other,” Montalbano said, noting the short conversation they apparently had before the robbery. “I don’t think they planned one in the car, one on a bike to rob somebody. I think it just happened that way.”

Meanwhile, Nathanial Zimet, the chef-owner of Boucherie in Carrollton, has been upgraded to stable condition after suffering two gunshot wounds in an apparent robbery on South Saratoga early Sunday, Montalbano said. He had no health insurance to cover his costly surgery and treatment in the intensive-care unit, reports Kevin Allman of Gambit, so a donation account has been set up and several benefits are being planned. WWL’s Katie Moore also talked to a number of Zimet’s neighbors and coworkers about their frustrations over his shooting:

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  11 Responses to “Shots fired, one injured, in two more Uptown robbery-shootings”

  1. Thank you for posting this article. The neighborhood of the Cambronne St. shooting is called Northwest Carrollton.

  2. Still nothing from the city or the police about what is being done? I do not see that the Times Pic has even reported on this recent crime wave except in their on-line police blotter that is hard to find. I called the 2nd District Police Commissioner yesterday morning to ask what he intends to do about the problem and got his voice mail. No return call yet. Of late the police seem to be occupied with setting up DUI check points and concerning themselves with under age drinking. I think that is the least of our problems.

    • the problem is the not the 2nd district commander. You need to call councilwoman Susan Guidry. She is the one putting the pressure on the commander. He is following orders just like everyone else.

      • I totally agree Sherri. There should not be one bar crawl, one dui checkpoint one anything until this situation is addressed. Seems like the police are taking the easy way out on this. Prowling bars for underage drinkers means nothing to me.

  3. Thank God, Susan Guidry is using the 2nd district police dept for underage drinking at the boot and frat house. Thank God she pulls real cops off the streets to check bars on magazine for 20 year old college kids that are drinking. Because we all know that is more important then the constant robberies and shootings in the uptown and college area. I am just glad we elected her.


  5. We are all led to believe that if we aren’t involved in the drug trade, we are safe from the crime that plagues this city. That’s starting to become shockingly untrue and I have to say, will hinder Landrieu’s re-election chances if people are honest with themselves about what he and his police chief have (not) been able to accomplish. Being able to recycle on Thursdays (not for free, with the increased sanitation fees, but for more than I paid the private sector collector) does not a successful administration make. While I appreciate that Serpas subscribes to the “broken window” and statistical analysis (and 78.2% of statistics are made up, you know) trawling for underage drinkers doesn’t warm the hearts of the citizenry when we hear that our hard working friends and neighbors are being bullied at gunpoint and shot by free roaming thugs. Less traffic camera review details and more crime fighting ones, please. The conspiracy theorist in me often wonders if they let these “crime waves” heat up so as to make folks consider expanding private security protection – thus relieving the NOPD of street detail (read: low paying and risky) police work in favor of more traffic direction details at Newman. When are we going to march on City Hall and let Mitch know that this isn’t working for us? We were all ready to show Nagin, but if we are true to ourselves and what we hoped for out of this past mayoral election, I think we can all admit it’s time to tell Mitch that the spin stops here.

  6. I am in favor of the police going after underage drinkers as well as armed criminals. Policing shouldn’t be looked at as a zero sum game.

    • The problem is we do not have the manpower/money to do both. We do not have enough cops. There is not money to pay the ones we have a living wage. There is a recruitment problem because the pay is terrible and due to the education level of the pool they are drawing from. They need to shift their attention toward the musts and leave the drunks for another day. I think they should call in the National Guard if they cannot patrol the streets. If this was anywhere else there would be a cop on every corner.

  7. I’m so sick of this…when do we march?

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