May 182011

Current NOPD district boundaries (via

The NOPD Sixth District is likely to expand its boundaries soon, stretching beyond its current coverage of the Garden District, Irish Channel and Central City to include more neighborhoods either upriver or downriver, Commander Bob Bardy predicted Wednesday evening.

The New Orleans Police Department is in the process of re-evaluating the lines of its eight police districts for the first time in decades, using computer analysis of the amount of time officers in each district spend responding to calls to create new district lines with relatively equal workloads. That way, Bardy explained, officers all over the city will have roughly the same amount of time to do proactive police work that prevents crime, such as walking beats.

The Sixth District, shaped roughly like a triangle formed by the Mississippi River, Louisiana Avenue and U.S. 90, only has two ways it can grow, Bardy pointed out: upriver, into the Milan and Touro neighborhoods towards Napoleon Avenue, or downriver, into the Central Business District.

“I expect us to grow one way or another,” Bardy says. “If we grow toward Napoleon, we’re going to eat a large share of their crimes, and if we go toward Poydras, we’re going to eat a large share of their crimes.”

Of the two, Bardy said growing toward Napoleon may be more likely. But the district cannot grow all the way to Napoleon, he joked after the meeting, because then it would include the Second District station.

The Second District, meanwhile, has by far the largest population in the city, Commander Darryl Albert said in a community meeting Tuesday. Thus, its boundaries could be expected to shrink.

The meeting also included a review of crime statistics and some discussion of summer deployment plans. To read a recap of our live coverage of the meeting, click “Replay” in the box below.

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