May 252011

A house in the Hoffman Triangle is demolished in April. (Sabree Hill,

At both the city and the neighborhood level, New Orleans is struggling with the tension between ridding itself of blight through demolition and preserving its history and architecture.

On Wednesday, the Jericho Road Episcopal Housing Initiative (which is redeveloping property in Central City) will hold a panel discussion featuring city officials and redevelopment leaders on the topic of demolition. Here’s their description of the event, via email:

Over the coming months and years, thousands of unoccupied properties throughout New Orleans face potential demolition through both public and private anti-blight initiatives.
Efforts to rid New Orleans of blighted properties, including the Landrieu Administration’s goal of addressing 10,000 blighted properties by 2013, raises important yet challenging concerns. In particular, how can we best eliminate blight while preserving neighborhood character and resiliency? While many blighted properties can be addressed by current owners or sold to new ones, hundreds of vacant structures lie in limbo – to either be protected for future redevelopment or demolished. In this choice, opinions vary widely on the use of demolition to eliminate blight and support neighborhood revitalization.
Please join us for a timely and important forum with leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Discussion will focus on existing demolition policies and programs as well as the opportunities and challenges in achieving effective blight elimination through demolition.

Also on Wednesday, the International School of Louisiana will hold its May monthly meeting, and the NOPD Second District will hold its weekly meeting, which is open to the public. For details and links to these and other events, see our calendar listings below.



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  1. I think each home needs to be inspected by preservationists. They should be sold not torn down. If the city started a work program to remodel and sell, the historic character of the city would remain. It would employ craftsmen and construction workers. You cannot rebuild these houses in the manner in which they were constructed.

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