Mar 302011

Duglas Begarano (via

A 27-year-old man poured gasoline over himself and threatened to set himself ablaze if a woman in her 80s would not have sex with him, and then forced himself upon her anyway, police said Wednesday.

Duglas Begarano remains in jail on charges of aggravated rape and extortion after his March 19 arrest, though police said the incident happened several days earlier in the 3600 block of Napoleon Avenue in the Broadmoor neighborhood.

Begarano was apparently known for doing work for people in the neighborhood, said Lt. Mike Montalbano of the NOPD Second District investigative unit. The case was handled by the NOPD rape squad, so further details about the case were unavailable at Wednesday’s meeting of the Second District ranking officers.

  2 Responses to “NOPD: Man, 27, threatens to light himself on fire before sexual attack on woman in her 80s”

  1. I walk by this block everyday with my dog and think I’ve seen this guy. Wish he’d tried this crap with me, because I would have offered him a match.

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